Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Bassett in the Bassinet

Just a quick word to update Blog world that Baby Bassett has arrived! Elizabeth Grace Bassett was born to our dear friends Justin & Angela today. I think that about wraps it up for all our expecting friends, so there won't be any more baby news for a while. I'll post pictures of Elizabeth Grace as soon as I get some but until then click here for pictures of pregnant Ang. Congrats to the new Mommy & Daddy!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Emerging from Blog Hermitage

My eyes have grow accustomed to the darkness here inside my Blog cave. So I'll sheild them from the blinding, sunny rays of connectedness as I step out from Blog isolation and boldly shout, "This Blog is not dead!" When you've been AWOL for so long, it has to take some earth-shattering events to shake you from your stupor. Good thing that there's been some fun & exciting things in Peek life:


No, Kevin is not becoming a polygamist. Christopher is engaged!!! He proposed last Friday to sweet Miss Sarah Comfort of Spokane, Washington. Their wedding is set for December 16, 2006. The Northwest in the winter! We are so excited to welcome her into our family and are looking forward to the Lord knitting our lives and hopefully our pathes in the future. Click here to see their blog.


JACOB LANE GERLT born September 3, 2006 to Chad & Erin Gerlt. Chad & Erin are sweet friends of our who opened their home to me when Kevin & I were engaged. Their kiddos, Max & Anna Kate, were in our wedding.

ELIJAH HUDSON GENTRY born September 7, 2006 to Logan & Amber Gentry. Amber has been one of my all-time best friends since 6th grade. Luckily, her 6th grade fantasies of naming her children attrocious things like Denim and Lace did not come true with this little guy. I get to meet him when we go to Tejas for my brother's wedding in October but that just doesn't seem soon enough!


Kevin's birthday was yesterday. It's an unfortunate day to have a birthday but he had claims on it first before it was Patriot Day, in my opinion. The only downfall to his birthday (beside the anniversary which it shares) is that he has been sick for nearly a week now. I had planned a fun surprise evening for us last night where I whisked him away from work to take him out to a fancy dinner. What ended up happening though was taking him home, feeding him noodles & chicken, and petting his sweet, sickly head.

Such is life in the Peek household. And such it will carry on, with a new promise not to return to Blog cave!