Overseas Life

I used to think that "ex-pat" was a mean word that described spies, criminals, or people who moved to another country because they just didn't like their former one.  But then I actually became an ex-pat and realized it just means someone whose country of residence isn't necessarily the same as the country on their passport.  So I'm not a spy, a criminal, or an America-hater.  I'm just an ex-pat.

With ex-pat life comes a tremendous amount of blessings.  There is no better way to step outside of yourself and your intrinsic worldview than to move to another country where you are most definitely an outsider.  Being welcomed into a new culture and learning to be an actual part of it is an incredibly rewarding experience.  And life is never boring!

With the ex-pat life also comes a certain amount of challenges.  Sifting through cultural & language differences is a full-time job in itself.  Then there's also the copious amounts of pollution & people that make things interesting too.

Many of the blogs you'll find here are related to both the blessings & the challenges of our ex-pat life.  My biggest fear is that what is meant to be cultural commentary will come across as calloused complaining.  Please know that that is never my intention!  If you as a reader ever feel that I've crossed that line, let me know.  I never want to speak poorly of our Chinese neighbors here.

And if you're ever on our side of the world, make sure to stop by for some rice!