Monday, November 28, 2011

And She's Back In the Game!

I'm back and quite glad to be!  The blog atrophy can be attributed to three things:
  • Our internet had issues, and I couldn't access blogger.  But that's fixed now (obviously).
  • I was on vacation in Hawaii!  More blogs to follow with fun pictures of beach babies & grandparents.
  • I went to sleep for three months and just recently woke up.  What excuse can I give for my prolonged sleepy state?  Well, it turns out that around May 18th, our family will graduate from two kiddos to three. Crazy times, right?  We will have gone from zero kids to three kids in 11 months, and at that point, our oldest will be a mere two and a half.  Even crazier times, right?  But Father's plan is perfect & wise, and we are so very thankful (though a bit overwhelmed!) at this blessing.
So stick around for more blogs about all things Hawaii and all things pregnancy.