Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our first house guest

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong. Can you find the face that doesn't belong in our normal day-to-day in the great state of KY?

Well, let's do a little meet n' greet. On the left you have the Wilson's. Yes, you've met Mrs. Wilson. (By the way, Beth, please don't hate me for dispersing such a huge picture of your face into the blogsphere). That strapping young lad is her husband, Lee. Moving to the right...oh, it's those Peeks. Oops...I thought I told you I traded in that Yale sweatshirt for the biz-cas at work. Old habits die hard I suppose. Or don't die at all (which we all know will be the case with me and my sweatshirts!) Finally...hey, it's Ms. Vanessa Brooks, hailing from Aggieland, TX. You might remember her from such life experiences as Chiner '05 and roadtrip to Louisville '04.

Vanessa is starting school here at Southern in the fall, and we were pleased to offer her the title of our first official house guest during her visit here uuring spring break. Though her main purpose in coming was to look for housing for the fall, she blessed our home with her curiousity to learn from our new marriage and her eagerness to encourage me. We are thrilled for her to move up here to join us for the fall!

By the way, for anyone else visiting the Louisville area, Hotel Peek is also available to you!

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Vanessa Brooks said...

I so enjoyed every moment of it, and the learning doesn't cease!