Friday, October 13, 2006

Fall in KY=Falling temperatures

So it's been coming. They've warned me. Who is they? They being my native Louisvillian co-workers who have braved this season time and time again. They being my fall-happy husband who gets giddy at the sound of a leaf making the final downward journey to its sidewalk grave. They being the tell-tale temperatures that pop up on my desktop to remind me of just one thing: my warmth has ended. I thought my perfect solution would be to just ignore them and pretend that they were all just horribly mistaken about what really happens during the month of October--or at least just deluded like the rest of us Texans are back home.

So when I walked out the door for work this morning and was welcomed by almost freezing temperatures (yes, it's only almost freezing), only one thought ran through my mind: you know, this isn't that bad. Call it premature naivete but maybe, just maybe, I'll survive this season. But if they have to take me away in a bodybag due to my untimely demise from frostbite, just make sure I have warm socks on, ok?


Kristie said...

Oh, I LOVE cold weather! I got so excited today because a cold front came through Dallas-Fort Worth. It's in the 60s and I busted out the sweaters this morning....sad isn't it? :) You shall survive fall and winter in Kentucky, I promise!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Oh sweet Becky...I can't wait for you to come to a lovely Northwest wedding. We rejoice when the leaves turn their multifarious hues marking the onset of the cold season. Living in Seattle, I have missed the truly crisp mornings and afternoons of eastern Washington. Here, it stays in the warm 40s and 50s so often that it's hard to tell when fall hits! ;}