Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Viva Europe: trip to Thun

When spending three weeks solid with your spouse, it’s inevitable not to learn a thing or two about each other. One of the things that we learned was that our vacationing styles are very different. For example:

Becky on vacation: “We’ve only got a few days in this city! Let’s get out there and see & do it! Go, go, go!

Kevin on vacation: “Things to do…things to see…let’s sit and read.”

Kevin won the debate of how to spend our last day in Interlaken. We relaxed and set out for an easy hike during the late morning. There were not mountains like there were the day before but the bird’s eye view of the town below was gorgeous.

Around 5 PM, I was getting a bit restless with Kevin-style vacationing. I was ready for another European adventure! When we checked into our campsite, we were given a free bus pass so I figured what better way to see the city! Buses run on routes so from where they leave, they have to return, right? Right? So I convinced Kevin to hop on a bus with me. The views were indeed breathtaking. We watched the sun sink behind the mountains, its last rays of the day spreading a glimmer over the massive lake. After about 45 minutes, Kev starting getting antsy about my joyride. I told him to relax and gave him my logic about bus routes. Sure enough, we made it to the end and the bus turned around…or so we thought! The driver must have noticed this off couple who had been sitting on his bus for over an hour: the clueless & content wife with the naïve grin on her face & the quiet husband with the concerned, furrowed brow.

“Where are you going?” the driver asked in broken English.
“To Interlaken,” Kev replied.
“No! no!”

That was all it took for me to panic! We were stranded on a bus! We ended up returning to the town called Thun (pronounced Toon) and having to purchase train tickets back home. I felt just awful. My “free” sightseeing tour completely backfired, and I had even chided Kevin for his misgivings. But I was so thankful for Kevin’s graciousness. He never said “I told you so” or rubbed in my mistake. He even told me that he’d like to be able to laugh about it. So to honor my husband’s request, a poem retelling our (honestly my) folly:

The fools down in Thun-ville
The tall and the small
Had gotten on a bus
Just to see it all
But alas when the bus did not turn ‘round
The small fool let out quite a sound
“Oh no!” she said, “What are we to do?”
“We’d be back at home if I’d listened to you.”
“No worries,” he said to assuage her fears
as she did her best to control the tears.
So the fools stuck in Thun-ville
The tall and the small
Wait for a train—
The savior of all!
A lesson learned: It’s quite worth knowin’
What the driver says when asked “Where ya goin’?”

Here are our friends, the Swiss gnomes.


Matt said...

That sounds like something that I might do. Or maybe something that I have done and Matt made a vow to never speak of it again. Can't quite remember. Anyway, I'm glad that you made it back and if nothing else it will be a memory that you will probably not forget. I'm sure that you saw some amazing things on your bus...and train. I understand compeltely what you mean with the vacation styles. We went to Disney World on one of our first family vacations and I think that Kevin and Christopher finished about 5 books between the two of them. If you count Shannon add another 10 :) It took some getting used to but it is now a quirk that is one of the reasons I love them!!!

Jamie Butts said...
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