Monday, February 16, 2009

Cultural Commentary or Calloused Complaining?

Here is a quandry of mine, fellow blog readers: when does commentary become complaining? I mean, I can look around this new place called home and see so many striking differences to what I've known for the past twenty five years. Some of them I appreciate, some of them I can only just tolerate. But is to post these thoughts & observations to complain? Is it complaining to be honest about the thoughts that run through my head as we undergo this crazy thing called cultural assimilation?

I suppose the answer is my motive. More than anything, please hear that we are both so delighted to be here.

And that's where you come in. If you ever read between the lines anything that sounds like complaining or a discontentment in being here, please say something. Whether an email or a blog comment, I need to know.

Maybe to make it easier to shed some light on my heart's status, we should have a code word. How about "papa's got a brand new bag?" That's all you gotta say!


Jamie Butts said...

We know you are delighted to be there. I haven't thought you were complaining at any points yet, if that helps. I loved the last post. You will have a lot of transition to process - I don't think that's complaining. I have learned a lot from my friends from the North here. There is a delicate balance, but there is also some freedom to make observations, state facts, be honest, be real... it's suffocating to feel like you have to pretend that everything is dandy, and it makes others feel like they have to be that way too. (I'm talking to myself now, but you can eavesdrop if you want. These are things I'm slowly learning..)
BUT, I have learned that if my husband thinks it's complaining, even on my blog (he's called me out before), just stop. He knows your motive, and if he's wrong, he still probably has a point. If a close friend thinks you may have crossed the line, that can be helpful too.
But if your motive is pure and husband/close friends don't see issues, by all means - do share! I want to hear how you are REALLY doing, and how we can be lifting you up!

thehes said...

Hey, Beck...I'm with Jaime on this one. =) Feel free to share all the things you don't's part of the process. There's things neither Buddy nor I like about being here & I don't think that means complaining. (See?! So you can commiserate with us. Heehee.) Just don't let those observations turn to longing for Egypt! =) We love you guys & hope you know we are just a phone call away...

Shannon said...

Oh Complain if you must! I enjoy reading your laments! Hang in there; at some point the trivial "oddities" will start to feel more trivial as the rest of your world balances out. That's all I got- hope it makes sense@
Love you!