Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Birthday Boy

Here are 28 little tid-bits about Kev that make him super:

1) He loves Christ and makes an effort to keep our home & family centered on him.
2) He is so stinkin' hard working.
3) Forsaking the comforts of the American dream, he led our family to move to this country.
4) He never complains.
5) He is a humble & patient language learner.
6) He has learned that sometimes the best thing to do for a crying wife is to say "It's going to be ok" rather than offer a solution.
7) He is generous and loves to give our time and money to meet a need.
8) On movie nights, he will sometimes choose "Pride & Prejudice" on his own volition.
9) His can quote movies to always make me laugh.
10)He is a good listener & helps me reason through my thoughts & emotions.
11)When we ride bikes together, he always rides behind me to make sure I'm safe, even though he could go a lot faster.
12)When we play Gin together and he beats me miserably, he never gloats.
13)He loves listening to movie sound tracks.
14)He is my best friend & favorite person in the whole wide world.
15)He let me drag him around Europe for three weeks, sleeping in a tent along the way. He's even considering letting me drag him around Africa when we go meet the babies for the first time...
16)He buys me McDonalds ice cream cones when I'm having a bad day. And now that there's a Dairy Queen in our city, we might just have to change things up.
17)He loves kids and will be an excellent father someday.
18)When we eat with local friends here, he eats gross food off my plate.
19)My granny loved him dearly. Whenever I talked to her, the first question she asked was "How's Kev?"
20)He is so laid back about meals. He'll eat whatever I give him, whenever I happen to give it to him. In fact, on his birthday, I fed him leftover spaghetti--for lunch AND dinner. Did he complain? Nope.
21)In the beginning of our marriage, he obliged my requests to weed out some of the unfortunate wardrobe decisions he had previously made (for example, stone-washed straight leg jeans)
22)He happily listens to all my random childhood stories that I love to ramble on about.
23)Because of him, I have a slew of wonderful sisters.
24)He loves hosting & having people in our home as much as I do.
25)He tries to eat healthy & exercise clearly not because he needs to drop a few pounds but because he knows it makes me happy. In fact, the other day he commented to me, "My calcium intake has been rather low recently. I need to drink more milk."
26)He worked from 9 PM to 5 AM painting buildings to buy my engagement ring.
27)He dances with me in our living room.
28) He loves my puppy and walks her in the morning so I can postpone getting dressed that much longer.

So happy birthday to you, Kev Kev! Looking forward to next year so I can come up with 29 more reasons why I love you!


Brad and Carrie said...

Happy Birthday K-man!

Loved your post. We think you've got a pretty great husband too! Hope you had fun celebrating. And I don't see anything wrong with stone washed jeans. I say we bring some back for him.

The Young Family said...

Love it! I think I'll try this on Brian's birthday. Wow, 36 reasons...that's a really long list - WAIT not as long as Terra's would be for Matt the OLD MAN! - HA

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

This is so sweet!

Terra said...

What a sweet post! We think he's pretty great, too. As for my "old man", that is just more reasons that I get to think of that he is great...I don't see a problem. We have to comeup with a list for Dad...his Birthday is on the 28th. 62 this year! If we all divide it up we come up with 12.4 things each :)