Thursday, May 05, 2011

Good idea? Bad idea?

Good idea: joining a group of friends at our local Botanical Garden

Bad idea: my friends informing me that we were to meet at 8:30 AM

Good idea: joining the old ladies doing Latin dancing (or so they said) in the park 

Bad idea: pretending that I was Lauren from "So You Think You Can Dance" when in fact my rhythm is as poor as it was during my failed attempt to try out for the drill team in high school

Good idea: dancing to Lady Gaga songs downloaded on their cell phones & being silly throughout the park (After all, these friends are freshmen in college, which makes them about 19 years old.  Man, that makes me feel old.)

Bad idea: dancing & being silly around the guys, who weren't really thrilled with the girly giggling

Good idea: agreeing to ride one of the theme park rides at the park with my friend Bonny

Bad idea: agreeing to ride one of the Chinese theme park rides that went upside-down and incredibly fast.  Stuff around here isn't really known for its stellar quality...

Good idea: participating in the ever-so popular Chinese past-time of hanging out with pigeons

Bad idea: actually holding the dirty, scabby birds and letting them eat out of your hand

Good idea: hanging out with, getting to know, & loving on these dear Chinese friends

Bad idea: well, there really isn't anything bad to say about that!


Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Um, creepy birds. I mean, shouldn't their natural disinclination towards humankind keep them off people's hands? Glad you survived the ride at the park. I would be really sad to lose you to adventures on Chinese thingamajigs. Love you SIL!

Susan/Mama said...

Loved the picture of you going upside down. I think you were holding on with your knees! Glad it didn't choose to breakdown while you were on it. Maybe next time you can say, "Thanks I've already done that!"