Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life As We Know It

We've had the boys for two whole months now.  Both Kevin & I often say we don't feel like parents.  We just feel like us plus two kids.  It's fun.  We like it.  Life is different, that's for sure.  But this is life.  Real & raw.

This is where we spend a lot of our day.  We have two toy drawers and a book drawer.  The toy drawers get switched daily so there's always something "new" to do.  The book drawer is always available, and Micah actually love to spend time turning the pages and being read to.  It makes my nerdy heart sing!

I pretty much wear my work-out clothes all day long.  I figure if I don't spend abundant time getting dressed, I'm more willing to crawl on the floor with the boys, take them outside where I inevitably sweat a lot, or not care as much when any assortment of bodily fluid ends up on me.  And as if the chasing, lifting, and constant moving aren't enough, I usually am able to get a work-out in too. (And since I know you're wondering, that giant contraption next to me is our living room AC unit.)

My parents sent us these amazingly awesome Keep Austin Weird shirts.  Most Chinese people think both of our sons look like girls (maybe the big eyes and long eyelashes?), so I'm sure the colors don't really help their case for manliness.  

Sami has been seizure free for almost a month now, which is a huge answer to prayer.  He's getting so close to crawling, an activity that I'm not necessarily encouraging.  I've got my hands full enough with one mobile one!

Micah is a ham to the core.  He gets shy around a lot of people (ie-the crowds that descend upon us whenever we leave the house) but when we're at home, he constantly makes us laugh.  He dances & snaps to any music he hears, which is only just proof of his African roots.  He further testifies to his heritage by finding our coffee grinder in the lower kitchen cabinet and eating the residual coffee grounds with his finger.  He can say a few English words (dog, shoes, fish, amen, mama) and a few Chinese ones as well.  

As for Beans, she's getting along just fine.  The boys & her have finally come to terms with each other, and they've actually made friends.  Micah actually figured out how to play tug with her, and Sami hasn't figured out how to escape her pink tongue yet.  When she's not playing with the boys, she does a lot of this during the day:

If that picture doesn't perfectly depict my life, I'm not sure what will.  Yes, that plant is dead.  I took it from a friend who moved away a year or so ago, promising her I'd keep it alive.  I have failed her.  I hope she doesn't find out.  And that giant piece of machinery in the middle of my living room is my dryer that we bought for $50 two months ago.  We haven't used it or plugged it in yet, but it makes an excellent place to pile dirty towels.  Don't let the folded nature of those towels fool you.  They are indeed quite dirty with rain water from the giant deluge that flooded our house last week.  

And I'll conclude this random blog post with another installment of Creepy China Gifts.  We call this guy Demon Dog.  He walked, barked, and his lights lit up all red & scary.  He must have freaked out Beans too because she ate it.  I can't say I was devastated.  Micah, on the other hand, still requests to play with Demon Dog because it makes noise (or I suppose I should say it once made noise).  He now resides in the trash can.

So that's life.  It's not perfect.  It's not always tidy.  But it's us and we're thankful.


Brandon and April said...

cracking up about you and that dryer not getting any use yet!! :) Hey, when we get back can we wear work out clothes together all day long? Sounds great to me!! :) Love these pics of the boys. Can't wait to hug their necks again!

Courtney said...

I LOVE "everyday" pics & updates - full of the mundane (yet majestic) pieces to the big puzzle of family life. All those long days will add up soon, so hard to believe. Your boys are SOOOO cute!!! congrats again :)

Rachel said...

great to see you and the boys and "normal" life! They are just so absolutely adorable and it looks like you're doing great with their needs and managing in general. Love the update! Thanks!

David said...

Great "look inside" your life! AND so glad to hear about the "seizure free-ness!"

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Man, Micah's got big feet! ;) Love your boys and we're all eagerly longing for lots and lots of time with them...and you too I suppose.

Susan/Mama said...

I'm glad the shirts fit. I never thought that the colors were "feminine" but I think the boys are manly enough to handle. Never hurts to get in touch with your feminine side. Love Demon Dog and am glad he now resides in the trash. The wires sticking out of his eye reminded me of the wrecked toys in "Toy Story." Kind of scary. Love you lots.

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

Hooray "real life"...workout clothes and untidy messes...sounds very familiar to me!! :) I can't get enough of Sami's fat baby legs. Swoon!

Love you!