Thursday, January 12, 2012

Once Upon a Fall

I found these pictures I never got around to posting last fall.  It was my attempt to get pictures of the boys frolicking in fall-like fashion.  But then my camera & I got in a fight, I told it how much I wanted to upgrade (does anyone have a spare several thousand dollars lying around for me?), and ended our session with zero shots of Sam.  Oh well.  Such is life.

Well, that was fall.  Where coats were optional.  Where going out didn't involve so many stinkin' accouterments.  Where random strangers didn't seem so compelled to approach my kids to "help" me by pulling their hoodies over their heads.  Now this is how we roll (when we do go out at all, which, to be honest, isn't all that common!):

Layers, layers, and more layers.  In order for children to qualify as warm in this country, you not only have to make them look warm but feel warm.  And I don't mean feel as in you're not shivering and your fingers aren't numb.  I mean you have to make sure your children are ready to be squished by a passerby and that they will find sufficient layers.  Otherwise, your kid is cold.

I once heard a story a few years ago that I would never have believed unless I lived here.  The story goes that there was a child in our city who was accidentally drug behind a moving car down a busy street.  I wouldn't believe this story unless I He survived the incident unscathed.  Why?  Because he was dressed in so many layers that he just bounced along.  That is what it means to feel warm.  

So are we counting down the days to our warm getaway to the sunny south in a week?  Are we looking forward to the Texas winter we will be enjoying in a month?  Yes, yes, I think you could say that we most definitely are!


Susan/Mama/G-mom said...

It always makes me smile when I check into a Peek at the Peeks and there is a new post. Micha looks like that kid in the movie Christmas Story who can't put down his arms because he's got so many layers on. Sounds like Chinese kids aren't dressed warmly enough unless they have a faint sheen of sweat on their faces. ;-) Can't wait until you are here.

Anonymous said...

I love your fall picture - they're beautiful. I've been wanting to upgrade my simple point and shoot. Maybe I've grown a thick sking, not sure, but I just let those around me think my kids are cold. It helps that Abigail can now loudly say, "bu leng"! :-)

The Foster Family said...

So looking forward to seeing you guys!