Sunday, May 06, 2012

Different House, New Car

We spent last week in Houston visiting some of Kevin's family & some of our American friends from Chiner.  As we made the tour from one house to the next, Micah got in the habit of announcing, "Different house!" each & every time we got in the car.  Yes, my son, that is your life.  Get used to it.  Different countries, different time zones, different cities, different houses.  You are, after all, a wee world traveler.   

We spent a steamy Houston afternoon with my friend Amy, her kiddos, and some of her friends.  We so looking forward to getting back to Chine so we can resume life with these fab folks.

Then there was all the playtime with the boys' two sets of twin cousins: Morgan & Harper (whom Micah fondly referred to as "Diaper") and Woody & CeCe. 

I still can't get over the wonderful wonder-ness of having a backyard.  A huge expanse of green right outside your own door.  You don't even have to put shoes on if you don't want to.  So I exhort you, my suburban American friends, appreciate your backyard today!

As if Kevin's side of the family didn't have a large enough grandkid explosion, Kevin's sister Terra & I will usher in grandkids #13 and #14 this month.  Kevin's other sister Shannon will welcome #15 in September.  

I do realize that this post is entirely kid-centric.  Yikes.  I've become one of those moms who only talks about her kids.  We'll have to do something about that...

Before we left Houston, we picked up our new ride that will accommodate our fast-approaching need for three car seats.  There is an organization based out of Houston that helps put vagabonds like us behind the wheel of snazzy, donated cars.  I'll be honest, I had my heart set on a Chevy Astro.  Spacious, humble, economic.  What more could you want?  So when we were walking through the parking lot toward our car and were led passed an Astro toward a big ol' Expedition, my heart sunk a bit.  We're thankful to have something that fits us all, despite the fact that I'm afraid to drive such a monster of a car and it requires a second mortgage to fill the gas tank (not that we're even adult enough to have a first mortgage).  

We're settled back in Austin now, waiting for baby to join the party!


Rachel said...

Beck, I LOVED these pics! Sam sure has some teefers, and look at him go! I heart Micah's grin.

You look fantastic, of course, and I can't wait to see a picture of handsome Hudson!

Love, RB

Angela said...

Wow! I trying to picture you behind the wheel of the expedition! Awesomeness. Love you and excited about #3:)

The Young Family said...

You and TB look great. I told her at the rate she's going you are going to have my nephew before No Name Mynhier comes!

You get used to the big old cars...well, not really. I've been driving the suburban since 07 and still can't back it out of a parking space and I run over curbs all the time. Brian loves that!

Can't wait to see you all again at the end of June. Love and kisses to all!

Brandon and April said...

Looks to me like someone has figured out their 50D! :) Love the pics. Love that you are in one of them. And oh my word, I can't wait to squeeze those boys again. Sami's just too much!!

Jamie Butts said...

Pregnant Becky pictures make me sooooo happy and thankful. (More, more!) And, man, your boys are sooooooo cute. I miss all of you Peeks. When's Louisville trip, round 2, if there is one in the works?
For now, try to rest when you can and get ready for baby to join the party, as you said. Love you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

We so enjoyed spending time with you and the wee ones. I love the picture of Micah with Diaper. Although I was anxiously awaiting squeezing little miss out, I'm glad she waited so I could spend more time with y'all and let my kiddos get to know you. It's been so long but I feel like we could all just pIck up where we left off. Even if Kevin doesn't remember what fajitas are ;) Terra