Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Unfortunate Spring Festival Guest

It's Chinese New Year around here
Or Spring Festival as it's also known
The loudest, most raucous time of year
Fireworks like a bomb drop zone

Is it possible to do life this this?
With incessant background noise
Of the zip, ZoOm, HISSSSS!
Emanating from all the fiery pyro toys

If I'd had a friend over as a guest of mine
The past few days this week
I'd hope he would have a splendid time
With lots of stories to speak

For example, at dinner time, he'd ask his wife
"Would you please pass the crash, bAnG, BOOOOOM?"
But instead of a knife,
He would end up with a spoon

Dinner would end, time for dessert & chatter
"Would you like apple pie or crackle, SiZzLe, WHIZZZZZ?"
Unsure of his choices, he would opt for the latter.
Too bad...pie on my plate, glutinous rice balls on his

Since he'd be so far from home, I would offer him a bed to crash.
Tired from jet lag, he'd fall asleep without much trying.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, pop, bLaM, BASH!
All of a sudden, my guest would be crying

Midnight marks the grand finale
When precious sleep is just a plea
Fizz, sCrEecH, SWOOOOOSH echo through the ally
Car alarms honk in harmony

Smoke settles as morning is at hand
Yet the party isn't through
Woosh, PoW, BAM!
Dear guest, no need for an alarm to wake you

And that's why I didn't invite friends to be guests of mine
During Chinese New Year this week
Because they might not have a splendid time
And then I'd be afraid afterward to me they might not speak

Happy Year of the Snake from our home to yours!

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Susan/mama/G said...

Ah, my darling, you are so clever. Thanks for the lovely rhymes.