Sunday, March 24, 2013

Google Translate, how I love thee!

Since living in a foreign land and operating primarily in a foreign tongue, Google Translate has become a near & dear friend to us.  But if you've ever used Google Translate, you know first hand that it has its setbacks.  If you've never had the pleasure of translating for fun (I know, what a thrilling life I lead!), this video ought to convince you to try it.  

This week, Google Translate found an even near-er and dear-er place in my heart.  Our house helper has commented ever since she started coming to our house about how different we interact as a family.  She's even asked us to lead a marriage & parenting class for her friends.  In an effort to try to understand more of what she finds encouraging about our family, we asked her to make a list of some of her observations.  What she produced was almost like a diary of her time in our home and was very insightful.  Well, at least I think it was insightful.  I'm ashamed to say I couldn't exactly read it.

Enter Google Translate.

It should be said that everything she wrote makes perfect sense in Chinese.  But apparently the feud between China & Google further manifests itself in the poor translations it puts forth.  When I plugged in what she typed for us, I got what reminded me of an amateur poetry reading.  For the full effect, please think barrettes, bongo drums, and snapping as you read.

The door is a handsome man of the house and super perfect hostess
I love smug.
Wow!  Envy, jealousy and hatred... 
Mistress blue eyes, like light brown hair
There, there...
A doll like star, 
Blue eyes, blond hair, super white, 
Slightly curled hair, very cute, 
Milk powder bags, star camel, 
Cute, pretty, 
But he is a big guy!

Our family (well, half of it at least) according to Google Translate: the door husband, super perfect hostess wife, and doll like star camel.  


The Foster Family said...

That cracked me up! I needed a laugh! :)

Susan/mama/G said...

Well, if you need a tall husband in the door, then most of us are out of luck.

Ashley Hurt said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious! Makes me think twice about the cards I give to my translate has been what I use to speak/write spanish...