Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dinanuary Part II

We're nearing the end of January, so here are some updates on the continued antics of the dinos.

They had movie night on the iPad, complete with Chinese coke (which I've been told doesn't actually taste the same as American coke) and an unidentifiable juice drink left at our house after a party.  The only YouTube dinosaur video I could find for the dinosaurs to watch was in Russian.  But guess who sat and watched 45 minutes of Russian dinosaur shows the next morning?  Yes, that would be my children and their dinosaur friends.  It was a pretty relaxed morning for me.

The dinos had a late night jam session the next day.

In true rock star form, the dinos got inked.  My kids don't even know what tattoos are, which just goes to show that most of this is more for my entertainment than theirs.  

A little bling bling and pipe cleaner sunglasses to finish off the look.

And of course, no rock band is complete without a xylophone and a sports harmonica. 

In just one night, all the dinosaurs acquired driver's licenses and took a zoom around the rug.  And in this country, getting a driver's license is no easy feat.  Just ask my friend April.

Maybe they shouldn't have attempted to drive in China after all...

Like I said in the last post, dinosaurs are stress eaters.  And Chinese traffic is definitely stressful.  That's why they ended up in the fridge the next day.

Confession: I actually rebuilt this one twice because the morning got crazy before I got a chance to snap some pictures.  By the time I got around to it, the green beans and cabbage the dinos were munching on had already been turned into lunch.

 Jelly straight out of a jar...every brachiosaurus' vice. 

I'm still picking Chinese sausage out of T-Rex's teeth.  I'm pretty sure that sausage has been in that bottom drawer forever and is older than T-Rex himself.

With pollution off the charts most days, our physical activity usually consists of building a pit out of the couch cushions.  In fact, most of the time, there's really nowhere legitimate to sit in my living room at all.  Of course, that leads to forts, caves, and nests of various kinds as well.  The dinosaurs couldn't resist joining in.

And found themselves with three little playmates happy to join in the following morning.

It's possible that I went a bit overboard on this one.  It's not like I spent two hours constructing straw, stick, and brick houses for Dino Theater...oh wait, I did.  

There was even a dinosaur running sound, in honor of my brother.  But I'm pretty sure Mark's sound toys are a bit more high tech than an Etch a Sketch.

Chinese kids love them some candy, and Micah comes home with it from school almost everyday.  We keep it in a little box for Tuesday Treat Day.  But a Minnie Mouse tin box is no match at keeping the dinosaurs out of the candy stash.

Trying to find diapers for a 40 pound 3 year old is no easy feat in China.  Trying to convince said 3 year old that it's time to start using the potty instead is also no easy feat.  But once we discovered he was really just afraid of falling in, we hopped on Asia E-bay and bought him a seat.  The dinosaurs rallied to encourage him on his first day.

Their support was appreciated.  

But speaking of support, the potty seat didn't make it very long before cracking down the middle.  I guess there aren't a lot of 40 pound Chinese kids who don't know how to use the toilet yet.

There's really nothing witty to say about dinosaurs coloring.  Except maybe that my supply of ideas is dwindling and I'm kind of looking forward to January being over... 

What's a dinosaur got to do to get take out around here?  Gather every cell phone in the house and hope that someone who speaks English at Papa John's answers.

With potty training under way, our laundry basket has quite literally exploded.  The dinos decided to lend a hand....or claw...or jaw.

Only 8 days left until the dinosaurs return to their normal plastic, dormant state.  Any ideas to finish this off would be greatly appreciated!!


Katie said...

So fun and creative! I've really enjoyed these dinosaur posts.

Brandon and April said...

Two things:
1. First things've completely outdone yourself with the 3 Little Pigs. There's just nothing my dinos will be doing that even compares to that one. Bravo!!!
2. How in the world have you acquired THAT many cell phones over the years?! Impressive!

2 More mornings for us!! :)