Sunday, July 02, 2006

Only one day late!

To Anna Kate
Who we think is great
And today (er...yesterday) she's half way to eight!

Our favorite memories of sweet Kate:

I got to spend four months with Anna Kate as my wee little roommate when the Gerlts opened their home to me. Our rooms shared a wall, and since she is such a night owl, I could always hear her singing herself to sleep at night. Whether hymns or songs from Mary Pops or Annie, it always made me smile.

I have never seen Kevin melt over a little girl the way he does over Kate!

By far the best flowergirl anyone could ask for! She's working on professional status here with her second appearance at Jamie's wedding in just 21 days!
We spent so much time trying to teach Kate how to drop her flowers as she went down the aisle. It was too bad we never practiced with a real basket& flowers because when her debut came, she did just as we had taught her: she smiled big and pretty, walked slowly, reached into her basket one hand at a time...and never dropped a petal. Oh well! Maybe she'll get it right for you, Jamie!



Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

and they loved your sweet card! What a fun post! I love your Blog, Becky! Miss you!

gerlthouse said...

Sweet Becky, you made our day...again! Anna Kate was all grins as I read your post to her. What a special thing for her. And your card! She loved getting to open mail all by herself. And Chad and I were shocked to find a treat for us, too! You guys are so thoughtful. We love you-

Anonymous said...

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