Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Texas, Kentucky (and other random randomness)

Yes, there is such a place as Texas, Kentucky. It's right outside of the thriving metropolis of Springfield, Kentucky. And for all of you who don't know Kentucky geography (you can count me in that crowd as well), all you need to do to get there is head south from Louisville, pass about three bourbon distilleries (Kentucky is the only state that makes bourbon you know), wind through the majestic wonder that is Bernheim forest, up a hill and down a hill, and there you are...Texas, Kentucky! My sweet friend Allie and I took a little roadtrip this past Saturday, and I wanted you all to see some of the things there are to see in the great state of KY:

It's official! John Piper has retired and Kyle Claunch is the new man of Bethlehem! Well, not really. Our friend Kyle took a pastor position at this country church, and Allie and I were helping him and his family move. That's where all the roadtrip adventures began...

What makes a roadtrip more complete than a worm farm? What more can you really say?

Our last stop in the wanderings of Randomland...Rooster Run, Kentucky, where the roosters stand a mile high.

So there ya have it, Blogworld. The sights and sounds of backwoods Kentucky. Come on down for a random good time!


allie, a new wormfarm enthusiast said...

I love road trips with Becky Peek! When can we do another, Beck? Maybe we can try to find all the wormfarms of Kentucky! :) What do you think?

B.J. said...

Becky... well done. Texas, KY (shakes head)... now I've seen it all. I can't wait to see Kevin this weekend. Glad you two are staying sane and enjoying yourselves in the "real world".

Tell Kevin he needs to post sometime when he's really hyper so he can be half as random as you.

That'd be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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