Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A New Corbin

No, no one is pregnant. My brother is married! After a long wait, Mark took Ms. Valerie Taylor as his bride on October 28. My parents were gracious enough to help us pay for plane tickets so we could join in the festivites. I had high hopes of taking plenty of pictures to show all of Blog world but alas my camera remained dormant for most of the weekend. Here are some of the highlights of our time in Tejas:

* My family. I enjoyed them in ways I'm not sure I ever have before.
* Wearing flip flops. It's cold here; it's not there--as simple as that!
* Straight hair. The bride's mother took all the bridesmaids to get our hair done for the wedding. All the straight hair girls had curls put in; the lone curly hair girl made new friends with the Chi. Kevin is still talking about how much he loved it.
* Having to call the paramedicas when my aunt passed out at the rehearsal dinner. (Maybe not a favorite memory but a memorable one for sure. She ended up being fine).
* Meeting Baby Gentry for the first time. His mohawk is just as amazing in person as it is in pictures.
* Getting to spend time with my good friends, Amber & Sally. They're just so great. Here's a picture of us, all grown up with husbands, homes, and babies:


Kari Plevan said...


I checked in on the Peek blog, and was glad to hear about a visit back to Tejas. So nice when we get to have those. Also, I love Amber! I don't know her newly married name...but we were dear friends at good ol' Camp Buckner! Awww, I miss her!

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

gerlthouse said...

Love the hot, straight hair! I suppose your sign name changes with the hair-do, right? Wow, I miss you guys. Periodically you and Kevin "stop by to visit" and you are served a fine dinner by my little people. How I wish you could stop by for real!

Ashley & Chuck said...

Hey Becky!

By linking through several blogs, I found yours! I have a CHI! You can come downstairs and borrow it anytime!

Your neighbor,