Friday, December 01, 2006

Post Offices & Passports

So I talked to my sweet mother last night. She was telling me about her day, which included a visit to post office. Very nonchalantly, mama added the she picked up an application for a passport. I asked her she was planning on going, though I just assumed she and daddy were planning a trip to Europe over Christmas break (which would be a shock in itself). "Well, of course," she said. "It's for when I go visit you when you move overseas." Even though we're not going to be leaving for at least another year and a half, I was so blessed that my mom would think ahead so naturally. So thanks for loving me so specifically, mama!

I can go ahead an update everyone on our Thanksgiving holiday as well. Since we were so far from home, our pastor and his family invited us to join them. They really are a neat family, and it was such a pleasure to get to be a part of their traditions. Plus the weather recently has been just like Texas (but it's supposed to snow tomorrow). Though Kevin missed his mama's cinnamon rolls and Shannon's dog show, our first Thanksgiving away from home was quite enjoyable.

Kevin has survived his second full semester of school. He finished his last two finals today. I am so proud of my studious husband. When I watch how hard he works at school, I am reminded of how he is striving to move our family forward into the next phase of life.

So that's an update on our crazy KY life!


Kristie said...

You're getting Texas weather there, and we're getting...well, not-so-Texas weather here! It's SNOWING outside right now! And it's 26 degrees! I really just don't know what to do with myself....except not go to class or work and hole myself up in my apartment and finish my last paper of the semester. :)

Tell Kevin congrats on finishing his second semester as a seminarian. I love the sense of accomplishment I feel at the end of every semester. And thankfulness that God's grace has sustained me yet again. It will be especially sweet to finish this one in a week and a half...

Love you guys!!! And thanks for the update!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Post it up, Becky! I love it when there's a new peek at the Peeks. :) Now about that other set of Peeks... miss those kiddos. Counting down until the wedding. I know they're sooo ready! I need to get my gift in the mail or with you. Speaking of, thanks for watching my wedding video with me. I didn't want to watch it solo. :)

Michelle said...

Becky what a blessing and encouragement. It is so amazing for us to have parents that are supportive of where we are and what we're doing. I am super encouraged by you guys and your passion for Him and the unreached!

Michelle said...

by the way this is michelle webb

Kathy said...


Your mom hasn't given me permission to comment, but I'm gonna do it anyway. She's one of my dearest friends and blesses me on a regular basis. You're lucky to have her, but you know that. (And she's very proud of you, but don't tell her I told you so :)