Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's New in 2007

So this is a simple simon post. No pictures, just words. To be honest, it's taken me a while to get over the pride of producing a beautifully laid out post with pictures and captions and stylistically placed bolded fonts. But not today! I figure it's better to just give a little bit of something rough rather than nothing at all.

Kevin started back at school this past Monday. He is taking four classes: Systematic Theology III, Greek syntax (his book is called It's Still Greek to Me, which I think is very funny), Intro to Biblical Counseling, and World Religions. So far, he likes his classes very well (even the one that starts at 7 AM!), and we think this will be a good semester.

My exciting news is that I've begun training for a mini-marathon (13 miles) which is on April 28. I even put my money where my mouth is and actually registered for the thing. Sometimes I find it so ironic that people will pay money to go run a really long time. But we do. Crazy folk.

We're heading to Gatlinberg, Tennessee on Friday where we've rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains for the weekend. This is our belated anniversary celebration vacation. If you think about it, please pray that the Lord would bless our time together. When the Lord defeated the Philistines in 1 Samuel 7:12, the Bible says that Samuel "took a stone and set it up...and called its name Ebenezer saying, 'Thus far the Lord has helped us.'" So pray for our Ebenezer weekend, that we would be able to recall all the ways the Lord has helped us this past year in growing us both more in the image of Christ through this mystery called marriage.

We'll give you Ebenezer updates next week!


Matt and Terra said...

I'm sure you will enjoy Gatlinburg. Matt's family used to go there every year around this time. Make sure to look at my blog and click on the link to watch the video. It will be especially applicable and inspirational to you as you train for your mini-marathon. It is about the "Worlds Strongest Dad" who trains and pushes his child (paralyzed) at marathons to make him feel like he is alive. That's enough, I don't want to spoil it...I think you will really enjoy it, especially now.

Laura said...

Becky - I don't know if you remember me, but I use to live with Lauren & Karley and be good friends with Damaris. Anyways - I found your blog through the Hoover's and have enjoyed hearing about what's going on in your life. Danny and I are headed to TX in July so he can attend Dallas Theological Seminary - so I enjoy hearing about ya'lls seminary experience. FYI - You'll LOVE Gatlinburg - just don't try to go anywhere fast when you're around the malls! Danny and I went their this last December for their Christmas parade and it was beautiful. You can drive up into the mountains and it's fabulous! Enjoy!

the breeds said...

Can't wait to hear some Ebenezer details! What a sweet prayer and vision that the Spirit gave you for yalls time. love you forever and always becky corbin peek!!! kari

Christopher & Sarah Peek said...

Where is your Ebenezer update??

justin & angela said...

kevin, how is the world religions class going? Are you doing a lot of work in it? Because i haven't done anything really in mine, just post a couple of forum answers.

Let me know how the counseling class goes; i'm trying to decide if i'm going to take it there or here.

Becky, way to go! I flipped out when my wife spent like $60 bucks to register us for the 5k "turkey trot" this Thanksgiving but i think the money went to a good cause. But i would rather just paid the money--it doesn't make sense to pay for something and then PAY for it by having to run.

but it's awesome that you are doing that. definitely a goal someday, but for now i'll use the excuse that i don't have the time to train.

Hope you guys had a good time on your trip.



ashley said...

did you know i started a blogspot? i linked ya'll to me. :)
i heart you. blog more! see you soon!!

becky marshall said...

Hi little one,
On our first anniversary, we bought a dog and named him Ebeneezer...based on the very same scripture. I don't really know why we bought that dog, he was crazy. But the Truth was there every time we looked at him. "Thus far, the Lord has helped us!" We called him 'Neezer for short. (It's true, you can ask Ashley!)
I love you!
Mrs. Marshall

alex said...

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