Monday, May 14, 2007

One year later and I'm still this excited!

One whole year of marriage. One whole year of laughter & tears, joy & frustration, quirks (and there are many!) and personalities. One whole year of loving each other more and loving the Lord more. After a year, we are both so thankful for marriage. Even though we see the grace we've been given, we are still learning roles in marriage and how to encourage one another better. We've developed tons of inside jokes, and we're very thankful that our home is filled with laughter.

Our first anniversary would not have been complete without the traditional top o' the wedding cake. My parents certainly were more than willing to pack up my Igloo cooler with ice packs and that freezer-space-dominating cake they've been keeping for the past 12 months. But it made it home and into our mouths on January 7th. It wasn't in our mouths very long though since it was a little too spongy. But tradition is tradition!

Our Ebenezer weekend was exactly what we wanted it to be: a weekend to get away and enjoy each other and to think on how faithful God has been to us.

This is how we felt when we got there!

The online description of our cabin advised us to take a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Hmm...that could be a problem for our little Civic! So our dear friends Matthew & Nikki Savage traded us cars for the weekend and let us take their fancy 4 Runner. Quite honestly, one of Kevin's favorite parts of the whole weekend was climbing that steep, rocky terrain in his big ol' truck. Thanks again, Savages!

Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend the whole weekend alone. When we arrived, we noticed that our door was falling apart. We had to call the maintenance people and the next day our friend Gene arrived. Now we were quite aware that we were in rural Tennessee but if for some reason that face would have slipped our minds, Gene would have reminded us. He was a good ol' country boy and he sure did love to talk. It took him about two hours to fix our door and then ab out 30 minutes to tell us about a tasty local restaurant. We call him Garrulous Gene.

Another one of Kevin's favorite parts of the weekend was building a fire. It took a while to get it started (I was thankful to have a book at least!) but once it got going, we absolutely loved it.

But finally we had to go home. Back to life, back to Louisville, back to work and school. And this is how we felt then:

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Jamie Butts said...

:) Happy belated anniversary. Beautiful wedding picture, fun now pictures... great year for you two. I'm so happy for both of you. I want to be there for all of it... kids, mission field, etc. so you'd better keep this blog up.

And look, Becky Loo, I think you did get comments on all the new posts, now. Haha.