Sunday, June 24, 2007

All Weddings Need Nigerians

To all you engaged women out there, here is my updated must-have list for your wedding:

1) venues
2) a groom you treasure & love forever (or maybe that should be number 1)
3) a dress that makes you feel like a princess
4) Nigerians

Last weekend, we went to a wonderful wedding of two friends from our chuch that included all of the above. Emily is an A&M graduate and a native Texan so natuarlly we think the world of her. Ndagi (we call him Job) is from Nigeria (not quite Texas but a great place nonetheless) and has the biggest smile and the best laugh of anyone I know. Their ceremony was at our church and seemed more like worship than a wedding. Much of Job's family had flown in from all over the world from places Nigeria, Hungary, and Canada and several of them wore traditional Nigerian dress. The reception was at a beautiful hotel right across the street from my office downtown. Though the elegant ambience was nice and the plated meal quite enjoyable, the best part of the reception by far was the dance party. Young and old were on the dance floor in typical African style, and the wallflowers were definitely the minority. You can see how packed it was:

So now I am thoroughly convinced that if you want your reception dance party to succeed, all you need is Nigerians.


Whitney said...

Oh - how much fun!! There are several Nigerian families at our church and one of Sander's closest friends at work here in Aberdeen is Nigerian. They have really brightened up our British church experience. I wish all cultures were as vibrant...the British really can't compare.

kari said...

we're having an american/kenyan wedding up here in july. such a beautiful picture of all people's worshiping Christ and the simplicity of realizing there are really only 2 races- in Christ or not in Christ!