Sunday, July 15, 2007

School's Out for Summer...Sort of

For most of us around here, life revolves around the school calendar. Work, work, work from January to May and then summer vacation. Around this time of year, a typical conversation-starting questions I hear is "How's your summer going?" When directed at Kevin, he actually has some sort of response. Direct it at me, however, and the best I can usually do is a blank stare. My July isn't really different from my November. They just don't believe in summer vacation in the corporate world!

Nevertheless, between working 8-5 and Kevin still hitting the books with summer classes, we've managed to do at least something to eradicate the pasty, white color that the office's flourescent lights have cursed upon my legs.

The weekend before last, our friends Matthew & Nikki Savage took us out on their boat on Lake Taylorsville. We floated and chatted all afternoon long. I even got to wear movie star sunglasses, which Kevin teases me about all the time.

Last week, we walked to our neighborhood's Old Time 4th of July Celebration with our good friends Buddy & Kristen He.

We met them at new student orientation when we first moved to Louisville, and they have become some of our favorite people. Buddy is an international student from China, and he & Kristen plan on returning next year to do similar work as we hope to do. But they won't head back until their new baby comes at the beginning of 2008!

So here is our summer fun. All I can say is that I'm thankful for the sunshine.

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