Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Bethlehem Village

Another things that summer means for us is our church's Vacation Bible School. Kevin & I have been teaching the four year old Sunday school since the beginning of the year, so I was more than happy to help teach one of the Pre-K VBS groups. And what a blessing it was!

We turned our church into a Bethlehem village, complete with Hebrew costumes, a marketplace, and Jewish traditions. We discussed Jesus' birth as if it was happeneing in our own village while we were visiting there. Whereas most VBS curriculum seem to involve penguins in a water part or something silly like that, I loved how our directors designed a program that combined Biblical substance with something that was fun for all of us. But we weren't just there to entertain them, sing some songs, do some crafts, and give their parents a few hours reprieve (though that did happen and is indeed a good thing). We taught about our need for a savior, God's promise of a savior, the arrival of the savior, and finally the death & resurrection of Jesus our savior. These are certainly the most important truths of life! I was encouraged & challenged by my kiddo's questions and eagerness to learn more of Christ. Truly such wisdom can come from the mouths of babes.

Pray with me that the seeds that were sewn in these little hearts this week would take root in fertile soil that would blossom into Christ-abiding, soul-saving faith.


Rachel said...

I absolutely LOVE the looks on the faces of your young ones. Annabel and Charlie look so funny! Gotta love 4-year-olds! I wanna hear about their questions! Great blog Beck, and yes I will pray with you.

Vanessa Kynes said...

can we also join the friends all over the world on your blogroll