Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Family of Three

That's right! We'd like to introduce the newest member of our family. Her name is Patty, and she made her fall debut today.

Patty is our little space heater. I named her Patty because of the manufacturer brand (you can barely read it in the picture). She warms my toes and keeps me nice and toasty. I'm considering making room for her in our trunks when we head overseas. All that to say, fall weather is officially here! It makes for a great run through the park with the brisk air and the beautiful trees.

In other news, I'm husbandless this weekend. Kevin is off at the men's retreat with our church. The retreat technically ends tomorrow afternoon. but he's headed straight to work after that. So I'll see him on Sunday when I wake up. I'm kind of getting used to this husbandless thing though since I've been sharing him with the book reviews, tests, and 15 page papers that have been swamping him lately. We spent four hours last night editing his most recent paper that he turned in today. To combat Kevin's most severe writing vice for future writing projects, I hung a sign above the desk that reads "Passive voice should be said no to."

I'm sure that you can tell by the frequency of blogs I've been posting that I've had some free time on my hands! You might even get one more post out of me before Kev returns to me. But for now I'm off to play games with the other husbandless ladies from church!


Kristie said...

Family of three...that was misleading, Beck! :) I feel your pain (er, Kevin's?) on the never-ending paper-writing and studying. But praise Jesus, I am 48 days away from graduating! Rest assured, there does come an end to it all. :)

Thanks for all the updates- I love being kept up-to-date with all things Peek! :)

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Hi, I miss you Beck! I didn't realize that our interactions would be so much less frequent once I got this silly new job. I hope your husbandless weekend is going alright! And our little space heater is making the rounds in our place too--he moves everywhere that I do!


Shannon & Marcus said...

Just how chilly is it up there? As I sit with wet hair and dressed in shorts and a tank. Do I need to bring my own space heater when I come up to KY? Or at least some warm socks!
I miss you guys like crazy -see y'all soon!

Matt and Terra said...

Becky...not funny, not funny at all! You made my heart flip flop in my chest! Be careful with patty, she's dangerous! Never leave her unattended :)

Tracy said...

Yes, you will definitely want to take Patty with you when you go overseas!!