Monday, February 15, 2010

Let the countdown begin!

It's official! It's officially official! My parents, my brother & sis-in-law are coming to visit. In a mere 73 days, I will get a real mama hug. Now the question remains: how to hasten the countdown?

Here are my options:

Option #1) Make a paper chain like we used to do in elementary school to countdown Christmas. But seeing that my ceilings are made of cement, it will be difficult to properly hang said chain for all to see & share in my countdown excitement.

Option #2) Employ one of those "pregnancy countdowns" on my blog. You know, the ones with the prego lady silhouette with the days left until baby comes. But that might send mixed signals to blog readers (if there really are any of you out there...)

Option #3) Busy myself with the finishing touches on the guest room, making a fun-filled itenerary of all the things things we have to see & do (most certainly including the hour and a half massage for $8).

Yes, I'd say that option #3 seems like the best bet. But don't be surprised if you see a prego baby silhouette on the side of the blog for the next 73 days...


Amber said...

Post its!

Get 73 post-its numbered from 1-73 and make a trail on the wall leading to the front door and every day take one down! This is more fun if the back of each post it has duct taped a piece of chocolate, a la advent calendars. ;)

Leah said...

no, please please do the preggo countdown.


how exciting for you!

and btw, I love the electricity bill post - that's awesome.

The Young Family said...

Heck at $8 bucks a pop, I would get one every day there are there!

Coach Group said...

I'm sure you could find somewhere to hang paper chains!

But yeah, the countdown could be great. However, you may be getting an increased amount of confused messages about how you are suddenly within the last trimester...

Susan/Mama said...

Wow, I can't believe you actually counted the days. That's so sweet! Loved Amber's suggestion of post it notes.

My other comment was going to be:
Daughter? Daughter? I thought we were going for the $8 massages. Whoo-hoo!