Sunday, April 03, 2011

Project 353: Week 12

March 27
The first of many...

March 28

An Afternoon at the Beach

March 29
Heading Home

March 30
Apparently, my husband missed me...

March 31
Our Thursday morning ladies' tradition

April 1
A Puppy Precluding Unpacking

April 2
Our friend Lynn's wedding


Rachel said...

Fabulous pictures, Becky! I can tell you are lovin' your new lens. I continue to be so, so impressed...great pics. I meant to tell you...head down to the alley by xiao ming hu tomorrow if you have time, you'll see lots of great photo ops including al fresco dining (ha), all sorts of street food, beautiful budding trees and today I saw a guy chopping open a fish right there next to the spring. Interesting! If I wasn't riding my bike with all my children I would have stopped and taken some shots!

Susan/Mama said...

I'm behind on my Becky reading. As always I loved the pictures. What pretty flowers Kevin got you. And Beans is so cute. You didn't want to unpack anyway, did you?

Anonymous said...

I like the train one. Nicely composed. --James