Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Africa we go!

Today went off without consequence, and now we're waiting in the Beijing airport for our flight to leave.  Oh Starbucks, how I love thee and thy free internet!

We took the train this morning and arrived around 1 PM.  We then navigated the bowels of the Beijing subway system and ended up at a fancy-schmancy shopping center where we had a late lunch at my favorite restaurant.  Kevin went to Starbucks while I got my hair cut at the Tony & Guy.  There are few places that I trust getting my hair cut at home because of the dreaded thinning scissors and the eternal bangs that are so popular here.  But for some reason, a familiar brand convinces me that these people must know how to cut a foreigner's hair.  Honestly, I feel like my new haircut is a bit mom-ish but I guess that's only fitting considering I'm going to Africa to become a mom.  Either way, it was a fun way to kill some time.

Then we took a bus & another subway to grab a quick dinner at Subway.  We took the airport express out to the airport and got here around 8:30 PM.  We arrived at our terminal to find a madhouse.  There were ghetto signs hanging from the monitors with different African destinations written on them.  Come to find out, the entire computer system was down!  One of the airline employees took our passports, and, after checking the master list (hand-written master list I might add!), she asked us if we were sure we were booked on today's flight.  Yes, I told her.  Absolutely, positively, without a doubt sure as sure can be.  OK, she said, and generated two tickets for us that look like this:

Now if that isn't the most ghetto thing I've ever seen!  So much for making an adoption scrapbook with all my charming mementos.  OK so I'll probably never make an adoption scrapbook but if I did, these ghetto tickets would certainly spoil the look of things!  But here's hoping that they'll get us on the plane!

After being issued our questionable tickets, we went through immigration & customs.  I stepped up in line and handed the official my passport.  He looked at me and my straight hair (thanks Tony & Guy!), looked at my curly-hair passport picture, looked at me again and said, "Is this your photograph?"  Thankfully, he took my word for it when I said yes, didn't even balk at the odd ticket I hand him, and let me pass through.

Which now brings us to Starbucks, our final destination before our 11 hour flight to Africa.  Babies, ready or not, here we come!


Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Wow, glad you made it through customs with those rad tickets. I think they're charming ;). Love the short hair, B, and it's a rockin' mom-do. Can't wait to see pictures of the little men with their parents!

Susan/Mama said...

thanks for the post. Hey those tickets will look great in the scrap book. Believe me not everything that will go in there will be of the finest quality. Ha, wait until one of them throws up on something you want to put in there. Then you'll rethink how wonderful those tickets are. So glad it worked out and I hope this is the only problem you have.

David said...

Whew! You just made one travel guy's heart flutter!

Christy said...

Way to get the mom-hair! And go ahead and scrapbook those tickets. Your boys need to know the whole story, ghetto tickets and all :D

Leah said...

yea, Becky!!!

Jaime Gray said...

Up! Up! and Away! So excited for you to be reunited with your boys and take them home. We're praying for smooth and quick travels, as well as drama-free processing of paperwork. Love you guys! Keep us posted as you're able!

P.S. Love the hair! Who would have thought to avoid hair changes to travel? Haha :-)