Monday, June 25, 2012

Gotcha Day!

Gotcha Day is how we celebrate the anniversary of Micah & Sami joining our family one year ago.  

One year.  

It seems like it has gone by so quickly.  

But we also can't really remember what life was like before them.  

Before their smiles.  Before their laughter.  

Before getting to be a part of their lives everyday and watching them grow from babies to little boys.

We wanted to celebrate our buddies and the blessing they have been to us.  And what better way to do that than by running through a park full of sprinklers?

It's called a Splash Pad.  Enough water for a good time but not enough to make mamas gray prematurely by having to keep on eagle eye to prevent kiddos from drowning.  Plus there's a fence that wraps around the entire place to keep those non-drowning kiddos from running away.  It's what every Gotcha Day dream is made of!

To make it even more of a Hollywood day, Sam decided to re-enact a scene from "Marley & Me."  Do you remember the part where Owen Wilson takes Marley to a beach park and has a sudden whim of liberation?  He lets Marley off the leash where he frolics in the surf for a few moments of doggy bliss.  But then nature calls and the entire afternoon is ruined.  Dog owners wag fingers in dismay, dogs stop wagging their tails, and the beach police show up to issue a hefty fine.

Back to the Splash Park.  Sami is playing happily, running through the showers, rolling on his belly in the puddles.  But then nature calls and his swim diaper just wasn't up to the task.  Grossed out kids pointed and ran away shrieking.  Just like Marley, Sami had no idea that anything was amiss.  Superhero daddy cleaned him up and sent him back into the fray, sans swimsuit (the only true casualty of the incident).

After the boys had their fill of water fun, we had a snack on the lawn and were given a free frisbee.  Micah peed in it as soon as we took off his swimsuit.  

Hudson had himself a sunny day.  He too is very thrilled about Gotcha Day.

Cupcakes were also the order of the day, especially since I let them eat them before dinner.  And the reason, I'm embarrassed to admit, was because the light outside would be better for pictures before dinner than after.  Yup, I'm a photography nerd.

Happy Gotcha Day!  We love you buddies and are so thankful that you are in our family!


Angela said...

Ahhhhhh! I love them! What a great day to CELEBRATE! I'm so glad that the lighting called for cupcakes before dinner- I think that should be tradition now:)
Love you momma! Let's chat soon.

Brandon and April said...

happy gotcha day, sweet boys!! wow, a year has already passed. how does that happen?!?!
i too think that great lighting should always call for cupcakes before dinner. great tradition!!

Rachel said...

I cannot believe it's been a year!!! That is so wonderful. The splash park was a great idea and it looks like everyone is having so much fun! We are so thankful for the Lord's grace in bringing these two handsome boys into your family. They are a treasure! love to you all. Happy Gotcha Day!

sandra said...

WOW! Congrats on one year together. I love that you went for lighting over nutrition. Good job Mommy! I would have made the same choice. :)

The Young Family said...

Love it, I can't wait to see y'all!