Monday, June 04, 2012

The Once Unwanted Popsicle

When I was growing up, popsicles were a staple in our home.  The authentic ones with the corny jokes on the stick and the walrus playing a saxophone on the box.  The only problem was that the flavor distribution didn't match our family's preferences.  The reds were always the first to go, followed by the oranges.  But the purples...ah, those sad, sad grape popsicles.  They sat lonely and neglected in the freezer, with only each other and frost crystals to keep them company.  If it weren't for one of the neighbor kids down the street who happily ate the purples by the fistful, they all would have been subjected to their inevitable end of melting away in the kitchen sink.

Now that summer is practically in full swing here in sunny Texas, popsicles have been welcomed back to our home.  Well, the red & orange ones at least.  But thankfully we've got some other individuals on hand who are more than happy to help us solve the purple popsicle surplus.

The Five Second Rule most certainly applies to popsicles in the driveway as well.  (In American, at least.  I certainly will not make the same promise for popsicles consumed by my children in China.)

So bring it, summer.  You're no match to the power of the once-scorned-but-now-loved purple popsicle!

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Brandon and April said...

wha?! you all are a bunch of crazies!! the purples were almost always the first to go at our house! The oranges were left sad and neglected in our freezer all year long!

miss those boys!!!
(and you and key too!)