Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Month Lived

Hudson hit 5 months this week.  OK so honestly it was more like a week ago, but you can't blame me for the procrastination.  Life has lots of...distractions, we'll call them.

If there was a contest for happiest baby, I really do think he'd win.  His easy going nature is a daily reminder that God is so kind to me in the midst of our madness.  What in the world would I do with a fussy #3?  Just make sure he has his pacifier and he'll hang out or nap just about anywhere.  

In fact, this picture was taken just after he had woken up from a nap on the floor.

The world is his happy, little baby oyster.

He still needs a hair cut.  There is absolutely no doubt about that.  But the options are endless with this full mop upon his head...

We have the wavy quaff.

The 50's pompadour.

And the Albert Einstein look, inspired by his Baby Einstein saucer. 

He's still growing & gaining weight well.  I took him to the doctor this week for a hacky cough and he weighed in at 15 lbs 11 oz.  

And those squishy thighs remind me of another squishy buddy I once knew.

He's also rolling over and sitting up with a little help from his friends.

So there's some recent happenings with our littlest buddy.  We still think he's pretty fab!

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Susan/mama/G said...

Some day he's going to be very unhappy with us for those pictures of his unruly hair.