Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life In Videos

Micah loves watching videos of his friends on the various blogs we follow...Cousin Nora crawling, Salem selling enchiladas in China, Avril sliding down a zipline.  So much so that he knows exactly what that little, floating triangle on a picture means.  I figured as much as he loves seeing his far-away friends, maybe they might like to see him & his brothers.  Plus I know these will bring a sentimental tear to my eye when I read old posts years from now.

I never, repeat NEVER, attempted to upload videos in China.  Probably because our internet was abysmally slow.  But I figured I'd take advantage of zippy fast America internet and see how this goes. 

(The end of this one is actually pretty standard of how life is in these parts!)

(Sorry for the indecent exposure from the baby man.) 

As a side note...I do promise that one of these days, I might have something else to say that does not involve my children.  It's just that that's kind of what life is these days.  So with no China moments to pull my head out of the mama cloud that blurs my brain (a lot), this will just have to do for a while.  


Jamie Butts said...

Those videos are GREAT! More, more. Kevin is serious about his dancing! Wish my Natey was there for a lesson. Micah and Sam are so great. And, I heart Hudson. Rock it out, yo!!

Brandon and April said...

love those boys!! tell the hubs, great job on his gangsta moves. that was some rockin' stuff!!

Susan/mama/G said...

Well, the office staff here at CMS certainly enjoyed the diaper head dance. I can hear Kevin now: ARGGHH!!