Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Little Boy Called Mud

There once was a little guy dubbed Mud
Whose mama refused to call him Hud
So instead of Hudson
She started calling him Mudson
Which then got shortened to Mud

Well, that little Mud of ours
Has now clocked 4,380 hours
Just to be clear
That's half a year
Time has streamed by like a shower

We think that he's a fab dude
Whose favorite past times include
Laughing, smiling, and sitting up tall
But thankfully he doesn't yet crawl
He's even started eating solid food

His hair is still mess
Enough to impress
The likes of Einstein
and the Medusa kind
To a haircut I'll finally acquiesce

There's lots of folks around here
Who find him quite dear
Grandparents like G & Pop


Moms, dads, and brotherly tots

Even though their affection sometimes causes a tear

Here are his stats for all who care:
10% head not including his hair
26.5 inches, that's 55 percent
Weighing in at 16.5 pounds (33%)--just like one particular parent
And now that I've written it down, these numbers will surely disappear from my head into thin air.

So three cheers for the smallest Peek
Whom we've definitely decided to keep!

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