Friday, November 30, 2012

Slowly, Slowly

I thought I heard a rooster crow outside my suburban home's window this morning.  It made me fondly remember my China neighbor's feathered friend that gave the same morning salute each day (though I don't think I felt so fond at the time!).  And I missed China.

I made a Chinese friend at the toddler story hour at the library.  The next time I saw her, she gave me a little drum as a gift.  It made me remember the endearing idiosyncrasies of Chinese culture.  And I missed China.

My friend April visited our apartment the other day to check on some things for me.  She sent me a picture of my dining room table.  It made me remember all the joyful meals we've hosted there.  And I missed China.

I keep wanting to use the word mafan and, even after 10 months, my English still isn't as streamline as it should be.  After speaking with my new library friend, I remembered how much I enjoy conversing in that crazy cadence of rise & fall.  And I missed China.

Slowly, slowly, I think I'm getting ready to go.  Because it turns out that if you peel back all the layers of American comfort & ease, I miss China.  I really do miss China.


Brandon and April said...

and China misses you! So ready to have meals gathered around that dining table again!

Megan Anderson said...

I think you should throw me in your suitcase with me. Just saying. ;)

Leah said...

I'm sure China misses you too... but you've got some friends in Austin that are going to be sad when you are gone. :)