Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Fun

We had our office Christmas party last night at this fancy restaurant called Vincenzo's. We had our own private room & Mr. Vincenzo himself came to pay us a visit. It was fun to be able to dress up and hang out downtown with my friends from work. Plus I had the best looking date!

The highlight of the party was definitely our office gift to our boss, Jeremy. As in any negotiating business, there is a lot of pressure to settle files for a profit. When Jeremy is pressured by his bosses, ost naturally he passes on the stress to the rest of us. He'll frequently make trips through the office repeating, "Settle! Settle! Settle!" So what better gift could we have purchased than Squakers McCaw? We programmed it with all of Jeremy's choice "encouraging" phrases, and it now resides in his office.

As I'm sure many of you know, I am losing my dear Beth Wilson. Her husband Lee was offered a terrific job at Union University, and the Lord led them to accept it. Obviously, this means a move to the thriving metropolis of Jackson, Tennessee. It's hard to say how things will be around the office without Beth. She has been such an encouragement & rock among the crazy drama that goes on in our office. Not only will she be missed in the office, but who is going to host Texas Monday Night Dinner? Yes, it's become such a staple in our week that it's practically a proper noun & deserves capital letters. I'll certainly miss those them but Jackson is only four hours away and is a perfect stop on a trip to Tejas. So happy trails to you, Wilsons!

We're heading off to Tejas this evening. Pray for our all-night drive! Hopefully, we'll get to catch up with some of you while we're there. If not, I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures & stories once we return.


Morello Madness said...

It's fun to get caught up and read what's goin on with y'all! We're thinking of you as you're going through the application process! Hugs,

Matt and Terra said...

I was just wondering what's happening with you two. We want to have a Peek at the Peeks. This is like a record almost 5 months with no Peeks. If you two were boring, I'd understand...but I know there are so many exciting things happening that people want a peek at!!! We love you!

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

I vote you make another post.

Zach said...

Hello dear friends, I have been saddened by my total lack in the keeping in touch department. I hope God is continually blessing you two! Danielle and I are approaching our 1-year anniversary on July 7th (God laughed and also made it the day I start medical school in Houston) My blog is
Let us know how y'all are doing!