Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is coming!

We love Christmas around the Peek home. Everyday I before I come home from work, Kevin plugs in our Christmas tree lights and turn on Christmas music to welcome me home. I'm especially happy if my new favorite song of the season is playing. I've decided this year that I ove the Muppet version of "12 Days of Christmas" simply for the fact that Beeker sings the 9th or 10th day. Meee, meee, meee, meee, meee...or something. If that doesn't make sense, go listen to the song.

We're heading off with them other Peeks to venture the wide open plain between here and the west. Texas that is! We're pulling an all-nighter to head out on Thursday night. After depositing Chris & Sarah in Denton, Kevin & I will split our time between my family in Austin and his in Denton.

It snowed today! Not a lot of snow but enough for it to feel like Christmas. But then the weather warmed up and it turned into a nasty, slushy, rainy day. I was sad to give up my Saturday run (my only day where I don't have to fight the sunset!) so I dashed out for a bit when the rain let up. It was fun to zoom past all the residual snow at least until I splashed in a huge puddle on the way home!

Besides the snow & Texas preparation, we've been hitting up the holiday parties. A late night of gaming at the Pennington Party Palace last night, a cookie exchange party this afternoon, Christmas caroling tomorrow night, and my office party on Wednesday...I'm thankful to have a 10 day vacation to recover from all the parties & traveling!

But in the midst of the bustle that can consume Christmas, let us not lose sight of the truth behind it all. Let us remember that Christmas is when God came in flesh to live a perfect life and die an undeserved death on our behalf. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season but ultimately Easter is the culmination of Christmas. From the point of his birth, Jesus' life was leading him to the cross where he would bear the penalty for our sins and prepare a way for us to be in right relationship with God. So let us remember! Let us see Jesus this holiday season for who he truly is! Let us repent of loving & living for self and follow the one who is deserves our love & life! Let every heart prepare him room! Merry Christmas!


Matt and Terra said...

We are very much looking forward to spending Christmas with you! Try to slow down and not get too exhausted before we get you :)

Jamie Butts said...

Dustin LOVES Beeker! He cracks up and turns it up really high whenever it comes on. :)