Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name still as sweet. A dumpling by any other name is still just a dumpling.

Forgive my lack of enthusiasm over dumplings but I'm just not a big fan. The ginger-y/pork-y/weird-unidentifiable-green-vegetable-y taste just doesn't do a lot for me. Kevin likes them though.

But despite their unappetizing appeal (to me at least), they sure are fun to make! Gigi taught me how to make them recently. These people are so amazing at working with dough. Her's were a thousand times better looking than mine. Here's looked like dumplings; mine looked like a squashed version of a turkey. Even after you rolled everything up and cooked it in the boiling water, you could still tell which ugly ones were the products of my Western hands.

The best part is that she let me eat just one and then laughed when I excused myself to have a salad for lunch instead. Why exactly did I move to this country when I really don't care for the food? Well, there is a reason and I hope you know what it is!


Jamie Butts said...

I love dumplings! We learned how to make some from some international friends one time (although I could never make them on my own at this point). I ate a ton. Tell Kevin to eat a few for me each time you guys indulge. And, the next time we see you in person, you'll have to teach me how to make them, Beck! :)
PS: Kurt told me you gave him a card for me, but he hasn't given it to me yet. He forgot, and then we went out of town. I look forward to reading your note! Love you!

Tracy said...

Hey Becky! I just came across your blog again and have enjoyed reading it! I can't believe you don't like jiaozi...that was one of my favorite things to eat there. When you get back to the states, you'll be craving the food there!
Do you guys send out e-mail updates? If so, I would love to added to your list.

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