Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soft grass

Kevin has recently made friends with a family. Once a week, he goes to their house for dinner. After dinner, he studies English with their 8 year-old daughter, whose English name is Rachel. In return, Rachel studies our new language with Kevin. It's somewhat of an imbalance because kids here have been studying English ever since they sit foot in a classroom (which starts really young here). Us...we're going on five months!

Rachel will read a sentence in English, then Kevin will read in our new language. Needless to say, it takes Kev a little longer to get through his. This leaves Rachel a little bit bored, so she has to find something to do to occupy herself. her favorite past time of late? Petting Kevin's arm hair.

This was last week's arm-hair stroking discussion:

Rachel: There's a fly in your arm.
Kevin: (pause in translating) Really?
Rachel: I think the fly thinks your arm is grass. Soft grass. (Pensive pause from Rachel, who then looks at her own arm) I have no grass.

Who ever thought that body hair would ever provide such entertainment?


Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Hilarious! Good to know that our husbands' furry arms can provide endless entertainment for little people.

Wilson said...

i love this story.

it ranks up there with the mystery of the stove in my book.

Travis Mitchell said...

Apparently you never lived at Scandia. :)

Anne said...

when they were little, like Rachel, they had hairy legs too...but they were out in the sun so much that it looked llike spun gold inn the daylight. Mom

Angela said...

love this! thanks beck for keepin' 'em coming!!

Ashley said...

haha! :)

Morello Madness said...

I wonder what she would say if she saw Brad's arms? That's too funny!

Shannon said...

I AM DYING!!!! OH!!! It's true... those peek boys to have some hairy arms!!! Grass! Fly! HAHAHAHA