Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I give up...

It's been cold recently. Like really cold. Below zero everyday (of course, that is in celcius but the fact that it sounds cold makes it feel colder!) Seeing that winter clothes are bulky and wouldn't fit in our limited luggage space, I got rid of most of them when we moved here. All that to say, my sweater collection is a bit sparse. I have this one sweater that keeps getting me into trouble. My friend Rachel Ware even had it sent to me from America but I'm afraid I might have to stop wearing it.

No joke but everytime I wear it someone asks me if I'm pregnant.

Exhibit A:

Shortly after we did our Christmas lecure at the university in December, I received this email:

Dear Becky:
May you happy Christmas Day ! And enjoy your life in [Asia],with your darling and the coming baby.
Yours, Windy

(I had to leave the "Windy" part because I think it's funny that she chose a weather feature as her English name. Hello, my name is Tornado! Typhoon, so pleased to meet you!)

Exhibit B:

I wore my unfortunate sweater to class this very morning. After teaching two classes back to back of pre-schoolers, I thought I was entitled to sit down for five minutes or so before my third class began. But apparently sitting down while wearing the pregnancy sweater is a bad idea because a parent approached me and asked if I was pregnant, even making the round belly gestures just in case I didn't understand what she was talking about. (Which I do, by the way, but almost wish I didn't! Rue the day I learned how to say "pregnant!")

Exhibit C:

Back in the fall, I wore my "pregnant" sweater to school and was asked by another woman when the baby was due. The ironic thing was that I actually was pregnant at the time but didn't even know it. But still, I certainly wasn't showing!

What is the deal here? Did I get fat when I moved to Asia? Does my belly stick out past my toes? Do I need to burn this sweater? I asked all of these burning questions to my local friends. Apparently, it's not my wardrobe that suggest pregnancy but my age . Clearly, every 26 year old woman should have a baby already or be expecting a baby. Clearly.

Oh well. Either the sweater goes or I'll just have to put up with the comments. What I'm really hoping for is that the weather will get warmer so I can start wearing all of my non-maternity clothes again...


Amber said...

I just mixed up the "comment" box and the "word verification" box and almost submitted a comment that consisted entirely of the word (?) "phretra." That made me lose my train of thought and I have no idea what I was actually going to say here. But congratulations on the pregnant sweater. You should totally just tell people that you're pregnant...and then just keep saying that for a really long time and someday somebody is gonna be like, "Wait a minute...haven't you been pregnant for like 4 years? SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU."

I need to go to bed now.


Leah said...

Haha. Apparently people aren't bashful about asking there like they are here!

Angela said...

I think we need a pic of you in this guilty article of clothing to fully grasp what you are talking about:)

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

So can we get a picture of said sweater? Let's see if Americans think the same thing. :)