Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do I Sense a Trend?

It seems that in order to be a part of this family, you've got to have a certain set of accouterments.  Those accouterments, of course, being a gaggle of children and a Jeep double stroller.

Sister Shannon, twins CeCe & Woody, baby due in September

Sister Terra, twins Morgan & Harper, baby Mia

And these faces you know!
Yours truly, Micah, Sami, and baby Hudson


Jamie Butts said...

I'm sure you guys didn't get any stares and smiles and strange comments from others at the zoo that day. :)

Brandon and April said...

I want to know if Kevin is going to join the trend of the tall lanky fellow in the black tank top. (second picture) Because seriously, that's a trend worth following for sure!
yay!! new stroller!