Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Full House

We just finished a fabulous week with some of our favorite people in the world.  Kevin's brother Chris & his wife Sarah (also known as my BFF) drove down to Texas to grace us with their presence.  With lots o' babies in the house, it meant we had to keep a pretty busy schedule to avoid mass chaos and broken stuff.  Here's the rundown of all the fun:

Splash Pad!

Swimming at my fab friend Stancy's apartment pool!

The Austin Nature Center, complete with a mini-zoo & Dino Dig sand pit!

Hanging out at the house, playing nicely and always sharing! (Is there an emoticon for sarcasm?)

Watching these two become even better friends!  

I've found that it's very difficult to get pictures of toddlers together.  Usually, moodiness or distraction gets in the way of a great shot.  Perhaps my pictures didn't capture it properly but it must be said that these two guys are absolutely in love with each other.  They must know in their heart of hearts that they're destined to be best friends.  Before they came, Micah recited lists of all the things he wanted to do with Jonathan, including watching Elmo, playing water, playing toys, and eating Jonathan's nose.  Rest assured, no noses were consumed over the course of the week.  Popsicles, yes.  Noses, no.

Thankfully, the little lady Peek didn't get clobbered too much by her rough & tough cousins.  She made it through the week, and even had a smile on her sweet little face.

We all got to be together to celebrate her first ponytail.  It was a monumental and very moving day for us all.  Hudson wanted to challenge her to a "Who's Got Better Hair?" contest but we didn't want to promote cousin rivalry.

There was more twin fun as well.  When we were together in March, Micah repeatedly referred to Chris as "More Daddy."  This time around, it was Sam who was hoodwinked.  At one point, Chris left the house to load some things into the car.  As the door closed, Sam ran after him, banged his porkchop fists on the door, sobbed and wailed, "Daddy! Daddy!" Thankfully, Kevin was only in the other room and was able to put his sad heart at ease.  I will shamefully admit that I fell victim to a twin scam as well.  Kevin tried on Chris' glasses to see if in fact he should be wearing them (something I've known for a very long time since it's my official duty to read street signs when we're in the car).  I didn't even realize until I was half way through a conversation that I wasn't talking to my husband!

The real heroes of the week were my parents.  They were such good sports about the mess, the noise, and the utter chaos of having such a full house.  And I'm going to venture to say that they even enjoyed it a little bit.  Shocking but true.  But, in the words of my '80s & '90s literary icon LeVar Burton, you don't have to take my word for it...

A Poem by My Mama

An addition to my home right now
Are four young adults
And five children under three

We have mountains of dirty diapers
Smelly poopy diapers
Soggy wet diapers
Clothing with every bodily excretion
You can name poop, pee, drool, vomit, and snot

Toys on the floor, on the sofa
On the bed and in the car
Blocks, leggos, cars, animals, tractors
Books of all colors and names
In those same places

Food on the walls, some fresh, some dried
On the legs of the highchair
And on the floor
(The dog loves it)
Even some in the babies

I revel in the chaos
My child and her husband
His brother and his wife
And their children

The nurturing, the love
The energy, the sleeplessness
Of caring for babies
Is beautiful and renewing

I’m enjoying the view
And so glad that I’m not having to do it.


Rachel said...

Oh I love it! I am so glad you had such a great time together...despite the craziness and keeping up with everyone. You all packed in lots of fun activities!!! By the way, you look fab in these pictures, Beck! It seems like you have adjusted seamlessly to life with three. We are praying for you! You've been on my heart all week...tomorrow I am going to pick up the phone and call you!
Love and miss you,

Brandon and April said...

awwww stancy! still think it's fab that you guys are friends. if you come back here without new professional photos, I will knee you in the crotch. well, ok. maybe not.
and please make micah stop growing. I just can't handle it!!! ahhhhh!!! Those boys are so precious!

Leah said...

Your mama's poem made me laugh!!