Monday, July 09, 2012

Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2032

Our alma mater is an interesting place.  It's hard to differentiate between tradition and lunacy when it come to Aggies.  So much so that there's a well-known phrase to describe this paradox: 

From the outside looking in, you can't understand it.  
From the inside looking out, you can't explain it.  

Being the dutiful Aggies that Kevin, Chris, and I are (well, we're more appropriately labeled "2%-ers"), we felt it necessary to give Sarah and our kiddos the grand tour of College Station and Aggieland.  I even tried to pretend I was 22 again.  But then I saw the t-shirts of the incoming freshman class that read "Class of 2016" and realized just how young I'm not.  

Channeling my former Fish Camp counselor skills, I explained the legend of Sull Ross and exhorted us all to remain standing as the 12th Man.  Hudson sung the Aggie War Hymn for us as background accompaniment.  

We strolled through the new & improved MSC.  It was hardly even recognizable!  When we were in college, there were rumors that someone lived in the MSC for an entire semester.  With all the fancy schmancy renovations, I would totally go for that now if I were a poor student. 

We visited Rudder Fountain and reminisced about a date Kevin & I had there during the spring of our senior year.  He bought me a popsicle and we made fingerpaintings while dipping our feet in the water.  This was my creation:

According to Aggie lore, whoever you walk under the Century Tree with will be The One.  What they failed to mention is that you will also acquire three children in a year alongside that One.  Or maybe that was just us...

Every college town needs a local coffee dive.  For us, it was Sweet Eugene's.  In fact, like so many Aggie couples, our first DTR took place there.  You could even call it the birthplace of us.  Again, I was reminded of how my life has come full circle.  Instead of the study groups and late night chats over Java Shakes of yesteryear, I was breastfeeding my son.  Full circle indeed!


Brandon and April said...

You are gorgeous. And I love that Hudson is screaming his head off. So precious. :)

Susan/mom/G said...

I still have high hopes of converting those Aggie children to future Longhorns. Need to get some t-shirts before you leave the states.