Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Decade Lived

Today is the beginning of a new decade for that husband of mine.  To close out his roaring 20's, I wanted to say a few words about that lanky dude with whom I do life.


The most vivid example to demonstrate what kind of a husband Kevin is took place on a tame movie night.  For some reason, I chose the middle of Mission Impossible 4 to unload all the problems I saw in our marriage.  To this day, I'm still not sure why.  After Kevin had been blind-sided by my state of our union address, he responded by saying, "I'm sorry.  I had no idea you felt this way."  He didn't get defensive.  He didn't get angry at me for my bad timing in interrupting a laid back evening over heavy matters.  

That's my husband.  Who loves me in my eccentricities & faults.  Who makes me laugh with his own eccentricities (like reading Linux user manuals during date night--weird!).  Who makes me turn more to Christ as I try to respond to his faults with patience & grace.  Who is always willing to grow & be changed by God in order to be a better husband and friend to me.  


I've always heard it said that you fall in love with your spouse all over again when you become parents.  Either that or you argue over things you never did before and are so tired after 7 PM that you can hardly carry a lucid conversation.  Or maybe it's a little of both.  It certainly is in our case.

I love watching this man with our three sons.  I love the thought that they will grow up to be like their father.   I love that when God threw us into the deep end of the parenting pool, Kevin was right there beside me with his arm floaties strapped on.

The best word I can think of the describe Kevin as a father is involved.  He changes diapers, he gets up in the middle of the night, he knows the words to Micah's favorite songs.  He plays with the boys and draws them to himself with his warmth.  Kevin has always said he wants to be a father to grown-up sons and little girl daughters, but I think he handles himself so well with our boys during these younger years.  The daily games of Tickle Chef and Ride On Daddy are laying the foundation of their future relationship as young men relating and looking to their father for guidance and love.  I'm thankful that Kevin is the kind of man who is committed to our sons and their needs during every stage of their life.

(Even little Hudson, who is still pretty boring)


I've gotten to see a lot of Kevin the son-in-law in action during the past few months that we have been living with my parents.  Sometime I think he puts me to shame in the way he seeks to serve them & know them.  When you've known your parents for your whole life, sometimes it seems difficult to come up with new things to talk about.  Kevin always come up with a new question (what's the best & worst purchase you've ever made?) or scenario (if it were the end of the world, who would you want on your team?) that helps me get to know my own parents even better.    He willingly participates in Corbin family traditions and even eats popcorn for dinner every Friday night, despite the fact that he protests its validity as a real meal.  My mom even asks him to feed the dog before asking me.  I'm thankful for a husband that loves and cares for my parents as much as I do.      

So there ya have it.  30 years of a regular guy whose life has been a blessing to me and so many others. 


Brandon and April said...

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite Kevins ever!!!

Susan/Mama/G said...

I love Kevin's questions. He opens up new places for us all.

Courtney said...

this is super sweet, happy birthday to Kevin! and by the way, Hudson's hair in that pic is so hilarious! blessings to you both as your persevere in patience until you can go back to your other home. :)

Jamie Butts said...

Happy late birthday, brother! So thankful for your influence in my life as a friend and your obvious ministry to your family as godly dad and godly father! Thought about you on 9/11, but missed the opportunity to call or write, but lots of love from the Butts to you!

Jamie Butts said...

That was to be godly dad and godly husband! (and son-in-law, good-news-carrier, etc)