Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Time My Son Made Me Buy Junk

It's an interesting feat to take the boys out to run errands.  But errands must be done so errands must occur with kiddos in tow.  I really shouldn't be complaining though.  Running errands in China is 10,000 times more difficult!

I took Micah & Sam to Barnes & Noble to return a birthday present I bought for Kevin.  I set both buddies up on the counter to prevent them from running away while I finished up the transaction.  Micah immediately dug into the "Wouldn't you like to add some expensive junk to your purchase?" box.  And since the packaging looked exactly like a bag of fruit snacks, he ripped it open.  Instead of fruit snacks, however, he was disappointed to find this:

That is most definitely a pancake key chain no bigger than a quarter.  His syrupy smile is mocking the fact that I had to pay $4 for my son's compulsiveness.  And Barnes & Noble laughed themselves to the bank for their clever marketing that takes advantage of fruit snack obsessed children and mamas who refuse to buy them leashes but really should to keep them in one place during errand day.

Yes, my guilty son.  That $4 pancake is coming out of your future allowance!  But in the end, it really is $4 well spent because I will laugh every time I see that ridiculous thing attached to my keys.  


Angela said...

Awesomeness! Do they have these same ploys in China?

Rachel said...

That. Is. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing! Made me laugh. :)