Friday, September 21, 2012

One of those kid-mania posts

That third child of mine had the audacity to turn four months old last weekend.

His hobbies include:

Smiling & laughing

Grabbing his toes

Staring at stuff

And hanging out with people who love him

He likes to watch news with Pop in the evenings.

Micah is an extremely nurturing big brother.  He brings Hudson blankets, toys, and asks to feed him the way mama does.  A little weird but very sweet.

Nana declares that Hudson looks like a girl and needs a haircut.  Daddy agrees.  Mama wishes she had a low-maintenance bald baby.

G just thinks he's the cutest thing ever.  Mama doesn't mind that she says so daily.

We won't even talk about the fact that he's still wanting to eat in the middle of the night.  But, for your sake, there are no pictures of that! 

It's a pretty thrilling life for a four month old.

I never thought I would do this but I will commit the ultimate mom-blogger offense: post his monthly stats.  25.5 inches (74%), 14.5 pounds (40%), and 16" head (14%).  The numbers don't lie: he is in fact his daddy's son.  Long, lean, with a little head.

Speaking of his little head, our pediatrician was concerned that a flat spot on the back of his head might mean he has a disorder call torticollis.  That's where muscles on one side of his neck are tighter than the other, preventing him from having full range of motion with his head.  We've been referred to see a physical therapist, so I'll go ahead and add that to my list of doctor's appointments for the boys.

Despite yet another medical set-back with our boys, we're thankful for our little Hudson and for the joy he brings to our circus of a family.


Susan/mama/G said...

Well, G is pretty sure they are all the cutest things ever!

Megan Anderson said...

Becky!! Liv and I want to come see y'all in a few weeks. The weekend of November 9-11 is my only free weekend because of band.
My email is
Just let us know.
PS-we are typing this in the same room :)
Love and miss y'all! Love the blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky!
Meg and I were wondering if we could come see yall in a few weeks before you head back. The weekend of November 9th through the 11th. Are yall possibly free then? My email is, just lemme know!
Miss yall!
Olivia Koonce