Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

The tide is low in the morning at Dolphin Bay.  So instead our beach time that morning was more accurately an entire shore of mud.  Sloppy, gloppy, squishy, oozy mud.  And six little boys and two grown-up boys were quite literally in hog heaven.

What began as Kevin's assertion that mud works better than sunscreen quickly developed into football pads to complete Sam's linebacker physique,

pants for daddy,

a pair of shoes,

a mud bath for a growing crowd,

and then the classic bury-daddy-in-the-glop game.

Note that it's the boys who are hard at work.  Our lone female representative in the kiddo crowd didn't seem too keen to get in on the muddy action.  Boys will be boys.  Dirty boys who were fishing mud out of their noses & ears for days afterward.

Even Hudson was smitten with the slimy stuff.  It was a chore to keep him from ingesting too many shells.

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The Foster Family said...

Love the picture of Hudson with the muddy grin. So cute!