Saturday, April 13, 2013

Then & Now

We just got back this afternoon from two glorious weeks in Thailand.  Let's just repeat that together...two.glorious.weeks.  Sunny skies, flip flops, and all the $1 mango smoothies you can drink.  It's a definite respite from our typical days on the other side of Asia.

Our family is usually there for various reasons about once a year.  I've enjoy visiting some of the same places year after year because it's a very vivid reminder of how much things have changed.  Take, for example, our trip to the zoo.  The last time we went to this particular zoo was in 2011.  We were in the midst of dealing with Sam's unexpected seizure issues and decided to take a day off from doctors & hospitals and have a bit of fun.  Fast forward nearly two years, and there are quite a few noticeable differences.

In 2011, I couldn't even attempt to get a family picture because certain members of our family wouldn't hold still. 

In 2013, that same little guy has now mastered the toddler cheesy grin and will gladly accept the bribes I dole out to him for just one more picture.

In 2011, the Ergo was home to one baby.

In 2013, it's home to another.

In 2011, I'm guessing the most wildlife the boys had experienced were dogs, cows, and goats.  Which explained a lot why they were both elated and timid during our up close encounters.

In 2013, that's definitely no longer the case.

In 2011, I tried to amp up the entertainment value of the zoo by making them ride animal statues.

In 2013, I'm still up to the same tricks.  But this time, it's telling them them that we just climbed 28 steps in the blazing Thailand sun to see a panda statue when in reality we climbed 28 steps in the blazing Thailand sun to realize that you have to pay money to see the real pandas.  That's when mom calls an audible and decides that the panda statue is the new main attraction.  

In 2011, I realized that the Ergo child is hardly in any pictures.  That's because it's far too much work to take them off, take a picture, only to put them back on again.  And partly because the Ergo-wearing mama would like to conceal as much sweat as possible that the Ergo child (aka-heat blanket) has helped to produce.  But in the epic battle between sweat and sentiment, sentiment always wins.

In 2013, I again attempted to make efforts to include the Ergo child in the family memories.  But sometimes the Ergo child does not appreciate my attempts to be sentimental.  Come on, baby!  I even put you in the same stinkin' shirt Micah wore two years ago!  And not ever a facade of happiness for me.  

Maybe he's just a little concerned that the pig has no nostrils.  That would worry me too.


Carrie said...

These are fabulous. And Micah's totally not buying that panda bit. You can just see the angst in that smile :). So glad you guys got to relax a bit.

Susan/mama/G said...

I'm sure that nostril-less pig scared the Hudson boy. Who wouldn't be scared. Loved the post. Thanks.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

I love the comparison. Micah was such a round little thing! He looks like such a big boy and I can wait to hug him.