Saturday, May 26, 2007

Birthday Roadtrip

Like I mentioned before, in order to avoid any let down of birthday expectations, we postponed it until Kevin's finals were over and done with. Kevin planned a surprise roadtrip for me to Cincinnati where he took me to ride rollercoasters at Kings Island. It was pretty much the same as Texas theme parks except for it wasn't swelteringly hot--even a bit chilly to be honest! We spent nearly the whole day at the park and had plenty of whirling & twirling and ups & downs. Then we had a relaxing dinner at Cheddars (my fave!) and headed back to our room at the Hyatt that Kevin had reserved for us. As funny as it sounds, flipping channels is always one of our vacation highlights since we don't have TV at our apartment. So we spend the rest of the night hanging out at the hotel.

We spent the next day at a beautiful park in downtown Cincinatti. We read by the pond, toured a free art museum, and played Speed Scrabble. All in all, a wonderful birthday weekend. Three cheers for my husband and his surprise!


Chris & Sarah Peek said...

What a delightful trip! Chris and I channel-surfed on our mini-vaca too! I guess that's what you do if TV is a novelty.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Hip Hip Hurray! Kevin told me of the interpretation aspect of the art museum. It does seem more interesting when you have an event to make up random stories about art pieces.
Also glad you enjoyed the longest wooden roller coaster in the United States, a fact Kevin mentioned several times.

Rachel said...

Great pictures! And what a fun weekend! You might ask, why am I commenting on your blog at 2am? Well, I should know better than to drink a cup of coffee at 9:30! We were out at friends' and I forgot that it was not decaf. Oops.

Will I see you at the picnic tomorrow?


Mom said...

What a wonderful birthday weekend. Kevin is such a sweet guy. Give him a kiss from me.

justin & angela said...

Way to go Kev! I think you provided a successful birthday surprise for your precious wife. Becky... I STILL need your address... your card is nestled on the kitchen counter:)