Monday, May 14, 2007

A Very Busy Day, Part 1

The count-down began for April 28 at the beginning of the year. As the days counted down, the training miles counted up. First at 6, then at 7, 8, 9...all the way to 13.1 as I crossed the finish line of the Derby Mini-Marathon. Alongside my running buddy Beth Wilson, we finished in 1 hour and 56 minutes. That's right--we're so fast that people on the streets are confusing us for either Dean Karnazes or a Kenyan. Well, maybe not but I'm pleased with our time and we had fun nonetheless.

Here we are shortly after crossing the finish line:

You can also click here for some pictures of Beth & me mid-race. (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger).

Our favorite highlights of the race:

* Running through Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby would be held a week later. We even got to see some ponies running!

* The running Elvis club. There really are people who dress up like Elvis and run road races. They even push a baby stroller with a stereo playing Elvis music!

Now you might be wondering what our dear husband were up to while we ran. They said they would be studying for finals but you can be the judge on that one...

At least they made it to the finish line in time. Or I guess I should more appropraitely be saying at least I made it to the finish line!

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Jamie Butts said...

I'm so proud of you for training and finishing this race. I'm hoping for a 5K this year and maybe a 10K next year. Hmm... I'll need some expert advice and encouragement from you. :)