Monday, May 14, 2007

"Haus"sitting with "Haus"guests

Last month, our dear friends from church, Larry & Kathleen Hausman asked us if we would live in their house for a week while they traveled down to New Orleans. Their dog Romeo is sixteen years old and needs some extra attention. Just so you can get the idea, here is a picture of our decrepit tenant:

Since Kevin was on spring break, we decided it would be a fun opportunity to serve them and have a change of pace for us. So we officially became "Haus"sitters for the Hausmans! Let the fun begin!

And oh boy did it. The kind of fun that involves water heaters exploding and flooding the entire basement. The kind of fun that involves my poor husband spending his spring break pulling up carpet and mopping up puddles. We were so thankful that we were there though--imagine what the basement would have looked like had the Hausmans come home a week later. Yikes!

That same week, sweet Ashley Marshall came up to visit us. I got to take some time off work and just spend the day together. I am so very thankful for Ashley's friendship. Thanks for taking the time to come visit, Ash! Wo ai ni!


Jamie Butts said...

Still so sad for Kevin having to pass up studying for cleaning up from the flood, but you guys had a super attitude about it. Props. When I asked him, he said something like "it's all for the good" or something like that. Encouraging.

Tracy said...

That was just preparing you for overseas living!!! :)